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    China and the UK

Sino Creative Associates 中英文化创意传播中心 works with Chinese individuals, groups and official organisations to help enhance cross-cultural understanding between China and the UK (where we are based), Europe and other parts of the world.

We focus on China’s varied and fascinating cities, provinces and regions, as well as its ethnic minority groups. We have also explored the impact of Chinese communities in the UK through a number of photo-essay books.

Our agenda is to play a part in helping to promote cross-cultural awareness between China and the rest of the world - and specifically the UK and Europe - and to explore, review and highlight the country’s rich cultural heritage.

One of our main ambitions is to help tell ‘the story of China’ by looking at its people and their communities and to establish an extensive library of images that reflect a rapidly changing China in the 21st century, as well as a written narrative which traces the country’s development.

We are non-political and have ongoing associations with many individuals, organisations, official government agencies and a number of provincial administrations in China.

In media terms we have enjoyed close cooperative links with the Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, and the China International Publishing Group, amongst others.


‘The stories of China should be well told, voices of China well spread, and characteristics of China well explained.’President Xi Jinping. January 1st 2014

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‘Writers and artists should aim for excellence both artistically and morally, becoming practitioners of high-end culture and vanguards of modern life, and literary and artistic work should be people-focused.’President Xi Jinping. November 2016